1. What is a refurbished copier? 
A “gently used” copier with a low meter count that our copier service technicians refurbish - inspects service, update & certify for resale. We acquire these copiers from off-lease, repossessions and trade-ins. Each of these copiers is in excellent working order, has a brand new toner installed and is sold with a full warranty. 

2. What is a remanufactured copier? 
A "moderately used" copier that undergoes a complete rebuilding process - a system of replacing all wearable parts, rebuilding of assemblies, steam and power cleaning of all panels and a rigorous testing and final inspection. The final product is a copier that contains over 100 new parts, has been meticulously cleaned and tested, meets the manufacturer's new product and reliability specifications and has been approved by factory-trained copier technicians. These units are also sold with a full warranty. 

3. Do your copiers come with a warranty? 
Yes, all of our copiers are sold with a full warranty 

4. What is the cost of shipping a copier to our location? 
Shipping is included in the purchase price of the copier as long as you are located in the Malaysia, your location is van,lorry accessible and you are located on a 1st floor or in a building with an elevator. (You will confirm this during checkout.) 

5. Why do your refurbished copiers sell for less than remanufactured copiers? 
These copiers are in excellent shape when they arrive at our refurbishment facility. Since we do not need to replace major parts and spend long service hours on these units (as we do for remanufactured copiers) we can pass the savings along to you and keep the price at the lowest point possible - without sacrificing quality. 

6. How much money can I save by purchasing one of your used copiers? 

Our copiers sell for, on average, 70%-80% or less than the New Copier. 

7. What is the response time? 
We offer fast response with an average call response time of 4 hours in Alor Setar area, in most cases our engineers arrive much faster. Our average on-site repair time is 40 minutes, and our first call 'fix rate' is astonishing. You can count on Limtec Sdn Bhd to get your equipment up and running back in short time. 

8. What is the benefit of rent-a-copier? 
The benefits you can enjoy when rent a copier:
LOW INVESTMENT - Consistence and cost effective with easy monthly payment scheme.
TAX EXEMPTION - Fully tax exemption (tax free) from Income Tax Department. Fully Rebate and own a copier for free.
MAINTENANCE FREE - Don't worry about the costly maintenance cost. Let us take care of it with free consumable like Toner, Drum, Free Spare Parts and Service.
FREE UPGRADE - Free upgrade to a higher end copier without losing any depreciation or resale value.
GUARANTEES - Moneys back guarantee with free replacement of copier if necessary throughout the whole contract period.

9. How to rent and own the copier? 
This services allow you to RENT & OWN A COPIER, inclusive of free toner, spare parts and maintenance throughout the whole contract period. Besides that, you can also enjoy 100% full deductions of Rental Charge from taxable income (income tax) through our Malaysia Existing Tax Laws.Upon expiry of contract period, you have the option to purchase it at a nominal sum or your security deposit will be fully refunded. 

10. How To Determine Your Company's Copying Needs 
The first step in assessing your copying needs is to determine what size copier you need. Copiers are classified according to volume and features, and fall under five industry-standard categories: 

Low volume (300 to 1,000 copies/month) 
Low volume machines copy at rate of 10 to 15 copies per minute, and are therefore ideal for small professional or home office use. Although they require minimal service and maintenance, these copies offer only the most basic features. 

Medium volume (5,000 to 25,000 copies/month)
With a copying speed of just under 40 copies per minute, these modestly priced copiers usually come with a good package of convenience features, and are popular in very busy smaller offices. 

Intermediate volume (25,000 to 75,000 copies/month)
These machines can copy at a rate of 40 to 60 copies per minute, and offer more advanced options and features, such as enlargement and reduction, two-sided copying and automatic document feeding. 

High volume (75,000 to 200,000 copies/month)
These high-end copiers can produce 50 to 85 copies per minute, and are equipped with the most advanced features. They're ideal in situations when you need to produce vast quantities of copies quickly and easily. 

Very high volume (200,000+ copies/month)
This type of copier is usually found in large offices or in instant printing shops. They offer all the features of high-volume machines and more, including editing and document assembly options. 

Calculating Your Office's Montly Copy Volume
In order to determine which of the above categories to choose from, first calculate your office's present monthly copy volume. Simply take a reading of your copier's copy meter at the beginning of an average week. Then, one week later, take another reading. Multiply the difference of the two figures by four, and this will give you an approximation of your monthly copy volume. 

11. Looking for a Copier? It’s Free!!!! 
You just pay for the final thing -- Copies!!!!! 
Limtec rental rates start at only 3.5 cents per copy and go down from there depending on your volume. Our all-inclusive program includes the copier, all service, labor and supplies (except paper). 
Whether you make 3,000 or 100,000 copies per month, Limtec will provide you with a CANON Copier for less than it will cost you to buy or lease plus copy cost. 
Instead of paying for machinery that becomes obsolete, *you pay only for the copies you make. 
Call us and we will demonstrate for you how much money you can save by using a COA Copier. 
*Terms & conditions apply. 

12. Why you should rent instead of buying your next copier? 
Copier rentals include all service & maintenance, parts, toner, and supplies. Customer only has to buy paper. 
There are no long term contracts or lease agreements to sign. 
We offer a large selection of top-of-line business copiers to fit your copier needs. Photocopiers can include feeders, sorters, duplexing, multiple paper trays, and stapling. 
You can upgrade your copier anytime or get a bigger photocopier. 
Our copier service staffs are available throughout the whole Klang Valley. 
We can even deliver your copier the next day. 

13. What Other business services it offer? 
We also sell our used copiers at heavily discounted prices. We have numerous used copiers for sale.
Fax rentals are also available. We can accommodate large sized meetings with various sizes of faxes. 

14. Looking for short term rental? 
Yes. We do have by daily or monthly basis. Contact us now for more information.

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